Meet the team making it all happen

Melissa Scicluna

Executive Producer & Co - Writer

Melissa’s passion for business practices, creative storytelling, and managing people align seamlessly with her love for producing. Her experience ranges…


Mary Gyulay

Director & Co - Writer

Mary grew up in a film family, having her first participatory experience on set at 5 years old. From that…

Jake Nothdurft

Supervising Producer & Marketing Manager

Jake’s work as producer and marketing manager reflects his passion for television, film, and fine arts. His production experience involves…

Dakota Wotton

Director of Photography

Dakota is a Toronto-based filmmaker with a strong passion for cinematography and telling personal stories that matter. Specifically, he is…

Evan Kelly

Audio Director

Evan has been working with music and sound for as long as he can remember. From playing instruments as a…

Melissa Cultraro

Production Manager

Melissa is an innovative creator and storyteller, who has a passion for the entertainment industry. She enjoys working through all…


Melissa Vasiliev

Digital Content Creator

Melissa is a multidisciplinary designer and a skilled innovator. Her experience includes photo and video compositing, graphic and web design,…

Diana Zagorski

Art Director

Diana‚Äôs creativity and artistic background fuels her passion for visually telling stories. Her experience includes prop and set design for…

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