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An exciting movement that aims to captivate, educate and alleviate in regards to Multiple Sclerosis. Mary Gyulay, the director and co-writer, was diagnosed in summer of 2014 at the age of 22. Her story inspired the feature film, along with a call to action that aims to inform the public that MS is a disease that affects all ages.


High school senior and promising pianist Violet aspires to play music professionally. But, days before her audition with a world-renowned music school, her health takes an unexpected turn: Violet is diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis.
Overwhelmed by emotion and frustration, Violet neglects her worsening symptoms and concerned mentors, and continues to prepare for her audition. Yet when things don’t go as she hoped, Violet refuses to take ‘no’ for an answer. She lets the strength and intensity of her ambitions carry her against seemingly insurmountable barriers and puts her health, reputation, and pride on the line for a fair shot at her dream. Only once she comes to terms with her condition does Violet discover that MS can be battled through adjustment rather than sacrifice.


This film is meant to simultaneously entertain and inform, showcasing the fact that a physical illness such as Multiple Sclerosis can be associated with all ages. The goal was to make this film as realistic as possible, loosely based on our director’s personal experiences, who was diagnosed with MS last year.


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We’re thrilled to be working with world-renowned Canadian band, Blue Rodeo. As the film incorporates a major musical component, Blue Rodeo’s musical involvement in VIABLE not only works as a soundscape for the picture, but also allows for their music to progress with the story and Violet’s journey. The film will feature recomposed songs from the band.

Lyrically, many of Blue Rodeo’s tracks correspond to the conflicts and self-realizations that VIABLE’s protagonist Violet must overcome during her fight against Multiple Sclerosis. Songs such as “Try”, “Trust Yourself” and “Bulletproof “ are just some of the songs chosen for the film that both fans and new listeners of Blue Rodeo will be able to relate to.

Being a band that has been inaugurated into the Canadian Music Hall of Fame, won numerous Juno Awards for Single of the Year, Album of the Year and Video of the Year, we hope that their connection to VIABLE will invite long time fans of the music to join in on Violet’s journey through VIABLE and give them a refreshing new perspective to the music they have grown to love and connect with.


In early 2016, VIABLE will be formally screened at an official launch event in downtown Toronto. The event will feature a screening of the film, a Q&A with the cast and crew and a fundraiser with all proceeds going towards research with the MS Society of Canada.


VIABLE and its content are relatable on a global scale. The reality of Multiple Sclerosis can be felt in any country around the world and we hope the purpose of what we’re trying to accomplish reaches as many people as possible. Following the release of VIABLE, we hope to develop a distribution agreement and enter the film into festivals around the world.

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